Meet Clyde and Virginia Woodworth, the hosts and owners of the inn. Clyde and Virginia both grew up in Albert County, yet did not meet until years later. In total they ended up with a house full of 9 children. Semi retired, they went looking for a project. New Horton Lake has been in Virginia's family for years and after a hike back through the overgrown alders and brush, they decided to reclaim the land.
Many years and much labour later, New Horton Lake Inn was born. What started as a bit of land clearing for a second home, now the vacation house, had evolved into a full time occupation. The place keeps on growing and there are now eight of us living full time on the property. We have the Horses of Eden and Lakeview Golden Shelties located here as well. Browse through some of these photos and you can see why we all love it here.
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